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Red-headed Woodpecker (Commission)

Red-headed Woodpecker (Commission)

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Hand-signed, original wet-on-dry style watercolor mixed with controlled painting techniques. 11x14 Fabriano Studio Watercolour Hot Press paper. Protected by Krylon Gallery Series UV Archival Varnish.

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These are requested birds that you asked for! I loved watching watch of them come to fruition and take off for their permanent homes.

If you want a special bird painted in the 5 Sparrows Studio Style…don’t hesitate to ask me!

The Red-headed Woodpecker is a striking bird found in North America, known for its black and white plumage with a vibrant red head. They inhabit forests and woodlands across the continent. A commonly known fact about the Red-headed Woodpecker is its habit of storing food in crevices of trees. A fun fact about this bird is that it can catch insects in mid-air using its long, sticky tongue.

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