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Common Grackle (Commission)

Common Grackle (Commission)

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Hand-signed, original wet-on-dry style watercolor mixed with controlled painting techniques. 11x14 Fabriano Studio Watercolour Hot Press paper. Protected by Krylon Gallery Series UV Archival Varnish.

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These are requested birds that you asked for! I loved watching watch of them come to fruition and take off for their permanent homes.

If you want a special bird painted in the 5 Sparrows Studio Style…don’t hesitate to ask me!

The Common Grackle is a medium-sized bird native to North and Central America, known for its glossy black plumage with iridescent blue or purple highlights. These birds are often found in open habitats such as fields, meadows, and urban areas. A commonly known fact about Grackles is their loud and distinctive calls, which they use for communication. A fun fact about Grackles is that they are highly adaptable and can be seen foraging for food in various environments, including garbage bins and parking lots.

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